Monday, August 15, 2011

2 Fun Worship Concerts

Last week I went to the Hillsong United worship concert in Greenville and it was pretty radical. They rocked as always. I really enjoy their use of lights, sound, scripture, and instruments to usher in the Spirit of God. It truly was an awesome night of true worship. THEN, last night I was invited to come to the HopePoint Youth Band practice. I believe their official name is Captain Megaphone and the Broadcast Funships.

Just between you and me...I figured they would be okay. I've heard my fair share of youth bands in my day and they have a similar sound - loud, off-key nontogetherness rocking. (Most of the youth bands I have heard are pretty sure they're going to be asked to open for Hillsong next time they come through town.) But I was wrong. 100% wrong. During the first song I forgot I was listening to 6-12th graders b/c I was worshipping. They are very good. Not because they are the greatest musicians on earth but b/c they are simple and humble and sing on key and don't try to do too much. It was a sweet night. I felt proud of them and proud of Willy, Rachel, and Stu who have worked very hard to start and train this band. These students know music, know their instruments, know how to sing...and (unless they were faking it) they know God and know what leading worship is about.

I was, and still am, blown away. I have been praying and asking the Lord that I would have the same heart and attitude that I saw last night. The youth are leading worship this Sunday morning and I know the church will be in good hands.

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Rachel said...

=) Trust me, we have had alot of Grace from above.